A Natural Ebola Cure?

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Since this whole Ebola scare began, I've often thought that vitamin C might be a natural cure for this epidemic. It would at least be highly preventative, I'm sure. Having read extensively on the subject I already knew that ascorbic acid was an unrivaled virus killer.


Now here's a news release from two American doctors (Rowen and Robin) who appear to have successfully cured an Ebola victim in Sierra Leone. The treatment consists of intravenous ozone gas along with oral vitamin C and glutathione.


After the onset of symptoms the patient was cured in just two days. The cost of the treatment is less than $40. No expensive vaccine (with genetic material and other possibly damaging hidden ingredients or side effects) required.


In my opinion, we should all know about Ebola treatment options, even if the mainstream media doesn't choose to cover them. If nothing else it can decrease the level of fear. If you agree, then feel free to share.







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