Blue Dew Salad

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This is one of those recipes that sounds weird but is wonderful. Every time I make it I get comments, like ‘Wow what a salad!’. It doesn’t matter if it’s just my husband (who’s had it before) or if I take it to a friend’s house for dinner or a potluck party. It is always a hit.


I don’t recall how I came up with it. This isn’t one that was inspired by online searches or cookbooks. I just got creative with ingredients one evening. As sometimes happens, this one turned out to be a dazzler.


The ingredients are different for sure. Combining melon with tomato might sound strange, but it really works well. And, while I don’t eat a lot of dairy, the bit of blue cheese is a must to get the full effect.


You can either make this on a bed of lettuce, or skip the lettuce altogether. If you want to use greens, I recommend something tender and mild, like butter or bibb lettuce. I didn’t use any time (though I often do), because I just reseeded my garden and the markets generally don’t have good lettuce here. It’s really not required, so try it both ways and see which you prefer.


Also, if you enjoy nuts and seeds, toasted sunflower seeds go well here. I'll bet pepitas or some version of candied pecans would also be great. I avoid nuts and seeds (I discovered they were the cause of ongoing mild rashes and itchiness), so you won’t see them in my photos.


I like to do this as a layered salad, with generous slices or wedges of the ingredients, but you could also cube everything and toss it together. Be sure to eat it right away. It’s best cool or at room temperature, but not completely cold. It will get soggy if it sits around for a while.


If you’re looking for a new salad idea, something special and unique, give this one a try and let me know what you think!







Recipe for Blue Dew Salad


The following serves two with salad as a feature of the meal. You could do smaller servings for four, or scale up the amounts to make a large platter for a big family, a group, or a party.




Half a medium honeydew melon

2 ripe roma tomatoes or the equivalent in cherry tomatoes

1 avocado

Butter lettuce (or other tender and mild greens, optional)

1/4 cup or so crumbled blue cheese

2-3 tablespoons toasted sunflower seeds (optional)


Black pepper

Olive oil

Fresh lemon juice

Balsamic glaze (the thick reduction type that’s hard to get out of the bottle, optional)




Scoop the seeds out the center of the melon. Place the melon cut side down on a board and cut off the rind using a sharp knife. Then slice the melon into wedges about 1/4 inch thick.


Cut the tomatoes into half rounds (or halve them if you are using cherry tomatoes).


Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, thinly slice (or cube) the avocado inside the skin and then scoop out the flesh with a spoon.


Wash, spin, and roughly chop or tear the lettuce, if using.


To toast the sunflower seeds, put them in a dry pan over medium heat, swirling and tossing occasionally until lightly brown, warm and fragrant. Keep a close watch: This doesn’t take long and it is easy to burn them.


Now, assemble the salad as follows, either in individual bowls or on a big platter to share:


A light bed of lettuce

Melon slices

Tomato slices

Avocado slices

Dress with a light dusting of salt and fresh cracked black pepper,

Then a good drizzle of olive oil and a solid squeeze fresh lemon juice,

And a light drizzle of thick balsamic glaze (if you’ve got it)

Crumble the blue cheese over the top

Sprinkle with toasted sunflower seeds


Serve and enjoy!



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