How to Make Your Own

Plastic Bag Storage Organizers

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When we moved to Argentina, one of the little things I missed was the pretty stainless steel plastic bag organizers we used to have in our kitchen. You know, the type where you stuff the bags in the top and then can pull them out of the bottom as needed. Usually they mount on a wall. Sometimes they are made out of fabric too.


Silly, really, but often it’s the little things that make life feel complete. And here in Argentina it’s mostly the little things that one can’t get easily!


A few times a year friends and family bring things we need when they come down from the US. Usually it’s vitamins, natural body care products, and specialty items... like a watch band pin, or a part for my husband’s fancy mountain bike.


We order the items online and have them shipped to our friend/family member (‘human mule’), and then they pack them down to us in their baggage. We always try to keep the amounts small- both in quantity and in actual bulk that takes up suitcase space.


(Cash is the other thing most foreigners want brought to them here. With US dollars in Argentina one can get about a 30% higher exchange rate for pesos than in the banks. But that’s a whole other story.)


Anyhow, somewhere along the line- I think in a list of cool ideas on the internet- I came across a great tip for storing plastic bags in the kitchen.


It’s cheap, fast, easy and works great. I love to stay organized and this is a great homemade plastic bag organizer. I keep these under the kitchen sink and have two sizes; one for small grocery bags and one for the larger trash-can size bags.


Here’s how to do it yourself:


Just cut the top off of a clean plastic bottle. Use sharp scissors or a razor blade. You choose the size and shape of the bottle.


Stuff your plastic bags in one at a time. Store under the kitchen sink or in some other convenient and out-of-the way place. These can be stored upright or on their sides.


When you need a bag, just pull one out.


And that’s it!


With besos,





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