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Sometimes it’s hard to get going. You’ve got goals, ideas, plans; but actually getting them done feels overwhelming, insurmountable, and for some seemingly inexplicable reason you just can’t make any real momentum happen.


Actually, I believe that the problem for many people is not that they are slackers, but that they have a tendency to think SO big. They think of making a total lifestyle change, losing 100 pounds, going on a cleanse and never, ever eating another 'bad’ food again.


Then they see how much work is required to get from A to Z, or life throws them a curveball, and they decide it’s just too much, or they get bogged down and spin their wheels, or never even start.


(Now, in no way am I saying don’t think big. By all means, aim for the stars! And then start with little steps.)


I’ve been there. In fact, getting this blog started was that way. I’d been accumulating notes and recipes and photos for YEARS. Even after I built the website I found that doing the actual writing and posting just was not happening.


Then I read a short piece on James Altucher’s blog called Can You Do One Page A Day?


And I thought, YES! I can totally do that.


And since then I have written at least one page a day. (And not just for Begin Within The Kitchen; I have a very different site called Project Argentina too.)


On days when life is busy I just bang out something short (and even quite rough), just to get it down. Other days I’ll write up a whole post, or two. Once I start one page it often turns into more.


But I don’t feel bad if it doesn’t, because one page a day really adds up.


(And I'm also learning to appreciate and love what I do do, instead of always finding something lacking.)


A page a day is a minimum of 300 pages a year (assuming I take Sundays off and a few holidays). 300 pages is a book! Now I find I often have a lot  written but not yet posted. So once or twice a week, instead of writing extra, I take the time to upload the new blog posts and add them to the website.


And how does this relate to you?


I can think of MANY ways this could work for anyone, regardless of the individual specifics...


For instance, maybe you are having trouble making changes to your diet, losing weight, working out, or solving a health issue. Maybe you know essentially what you want to do (and even how to do it) but getting started seems too hard...


Everywhere you turn the food choices aren’t great, you just ‘can’t find the time’, there’s always some dinner out you have to go to. Then you thwart yourself with feelings of shame or guilt, the shoulds and shouldn’ts become unbearable, your inner ‘perfectionist’ tells you it’s not enough, why bother…


Everywhere the negative seems to overwhelm and the fears take center stage.


Well, believe it or not, you have control over that. You are the creator of your life, of your world.


What if you did JUST ONE healthy meal a day? (Or maybe just one per week to get started?)


Or... CUT just one unhealthy food from your diet. I know a woman who quit drinking soda when she became pregnant. And while she was pregnant she lost 30 pounds!


Today it could be just one type of food. Later, maybe another. But don’t get ahead of yourself. When the resistance kicks in, back off. One a day is great, it’s awesome, it’s a step towards what your heart wants but your mind is grappling with.


Maybe you could spend 10 minutes a day doing research on natural health cures for whatever ails you, or make one call to a health professional you’ve been meaning to consult with.


Another good one, which comes from Mark Ford of the Palm Beach Letter, relates to investing. Decide to get just a little bit wealthier every day. Even just a dollar a day to start- or just $10 a week.


Here’s one more way to do one a day. This I did for my husband... before I read the article and got inspired to do One A Day. (Funny how it can be easier to make a plan for another person than for yourself sometimes!)


My husband saw how much healthier I had become with my lifestyle and dietary changes, but he wasn’t convinced that he wanted to totally give up dairy and wheat like I had. (Though he has been vegetarian his whole life.)


Since I do the shopping and cooking, I started making him meals that had dairy just once a day and wheat just once a day.


Then some days I’d do all of the meals with none, and he didn’t even notice! (In the meantime, his midsection has gotten leaner than I’ve seen it in the 20 years we’ve been together.)


So, what does it look like, eating dairy or gluten only once a day on a vegetarian diet? Here is a three day sample, using real life meals (the dairy- or gluten-containing food are in bold):


One a day-


Breakfast- Oatmeal with chia, yogurt and banana


Lunch (packed to go)- Tomato, avocado, sprout, and hard boiled or fried egg sandwiches with a side of salt-lemon-chili cucumbers


Dinner- Roasted Veggie Bowls with Yamani Rice


One a day-


Breakfast- Commercial cereal with homemade nutmilk and kiwifruit


Lunch (packed to go)- Leftover rice and veggies with Spirulina fruit yogurt smoothie


Dinner- Sweet potato black bean burgers (gluten-free and dairy-free) on Fresh pineapple slaw


None this day-


Breakfast- Homemade Granola (oat-based) with nutmilk and fresh blueberries


Lunch (packed to go)- Leftover sweet potato black bean burgers with avocado & lettuce and a



Dinner- Mexican eggs with Roasted potatoes



How could YOU incorporate One A Day into achieving your life goals?


With besos,





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