Mango Avocado Arugula Salad

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This simple, quick, filling, delicious, gourmet salad makes a great side dish or a light meal in and of itself. The main thing is to get the freshest ingredients in season. Believe it or not, we get some great mangos here in the north of Argentina. The area of Jujuy (to the north of us) grows mangoes, papayas, passion fruit… some of my favorite tropical fruits.


The produce in the markets of Argentina is only seasonal. Imports are very restricted here. (I’ve just finished freezing loads of blueberries and strawberries to be able to enjoy throughout the year. It's Springtime here! The seasons are opposite those of you in the North.) We’ve also been eating asparagus a couple of times a week, because soon there won’t be any more available until next year. And right now the mangoes are perfect...


I used the following recipe to make two large salads, which went really well with a light basil and asparagus frittata for a healthy yet satisfying dinner. You could also make a big bowl of this for a potluck, or do multiple smaller sides for a dinner party. Just adjust the quantities of the ingredients accordingly.







Recipe for Mango Avocado Arugula Salad



1 large bunch fresh arugula- washed and roughly chopped (or whole baby leaves)

1 large ripe mango- cut into bite-sized cubes or sections

2 small ripe avocados- sliced

Thinly sliced or shaved red onion- about 20 slices (alternatively, pickled onions go well here too)

Olive oil

Juice of 1 lemon (or more if needed)

Salt & Fresh ground pepper


Distribute the arugula amongst your serving plates/bowls. Drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice. Top with the mango, then sliced onion, then avocado. Add a little more olive oil and lemon juice. Salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste.





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