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Health & Wellness Articles

A Natural Cure for Arthritis? (and more)

(niacin, vitamin b3, cholesterol, skin & mental disorders)

Just One A Day

(achieve your goals and overcome obstacles)

My Natural Health Cures

Remedies and treatments that worked for me to treat and cure various health problems...

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My 10 Cent Skin Care Solution

(fresh lemon juice for skin care and sunburn prevention)

If I Could Only Take One Vitamin Supplement...

(vitamin C- ascorbic acid- for health and disease cures)

A Natural Ebola Cure?

(man cured in Sierra Leona w/ ozone, vitamin C, glutathione)

Cooking & Kitchen- Tips & Tricks

How to Make Washing Dishes Painless

(Plus, A Great Stain Removal Tip!)

(clean tough pots, remove blood, yellow & grease stains)

Grocery Shopping & Meal Planning Techniques

(ideas for making healthy eating at home easier)

Make Your Own Plastic Bag Organizers

(super easy & almost free- kitchen plastic bag storage)

Inspiration & 'Self Help' Section

Get Your Life Back On Track & Get 'Unstuck'

(change your thinking & beliefs to change your life)

5 Easy Weight Loss Tips for Your New Year (or Day!)

(how I lost weight, without meaning to, and now maintain my ideal body weight easily and almost effortlessly)

Other Interesting Stuff

(cool & growing site that researches and reviews everything from the best multivitamins to mascara)

The 'How I Quit...' Series


Some food blogs...


101 Cookbooks

My New Roots

Elana's Pantry

Nourished Kitchen

Chocolate & Zucchini

Against All Grain

Happy Yolks


Natural cure blogs for DIY health detectives:


Earth Clinic

Search various ailments to see what natural solutions have helped people.


Dr. Mercola

Loads of articles on all sorts of health-related topics; from diet and exercise, to the benefits of various supplements, to natural gardening tips, and much more.


Doctor Yourself

Learn about orthomolecular medicine and how megadoses of common vitamins can cure all sorts of common health problems and diseases.


The World's Healthiest Foods

Excellent resource with detailed information on the health benefits of hundreds of foods, plus recipes and more.

Lots more will be added to the page eventually. In addition to links and resources, this will be the archive for health and wellness articles and tips.


In the meantime, here are a few sites that I enjoy or that have helped me in my search for healthy recipes and foods, health cures, and the best vitamins and supplements!