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Natural Treatment for Fibrocystic Breasts

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Problem: Overly tender breasts with general swelling, inflammation and thickening.




For as long as I can remember, each month my breasts would get very swollen and tender. I realize that is considered completely normal for women. However, it was more than that. In general my breasts were always lumpy with areas of thickening and nodules that could be palpated any time of month. Fibrocystic breasts seem to be the norm amongst the women in my family, and are not at all uncommon among women in general.


And for long periods, even years, it wasn’t just a monthly premenstrual swelling and tenderness, but was as issue all the time. My breasts could be so tender that sometimes I slept wearing a jog bra or considered skipping going to aerobics class.


Back when we were living in Colorado, I started taking Vitamin D regularly to treat the winter blues. By mid-winter in snow country I used to get to feeling very down, extraordinarily sensitive and emotional, even depressed.


Vitamin D treated of all of those symptoms, and a great side effect was that my breasts became 100% normal. Few or no lumps or soreness... even premenstrually.


Since then, there have been times where I quit taking D regularly. For instance, at the beginning of my ‘year of healing’ I quit taking all supplements, in order to try to figure out what did and did not work for me. And living in the high desert of Argentina, I figured I was getting plenty of sun anyway.


On my super clean-eating diet for that year, I found that between monthly periods I had few to no symptoms, but for the week or so leading up to each period there was still a gradually increasing swelling and tenderness. (Though not nearly as bad as in the past.)


Recently I read a book and was reminded about the benefits of high-dose Vitamin D. I went back to 10,000-15,000 iu per day. And once again even the PMS sore breasts have gone away almost 100%. In my opinion, my breasts are cured: They are back to normal all month and I no longer suffer the distraction, pain and  discomfort that I did for so many years.


Solution: Vitamin D, 10,000 iu or more per day. Give it 2 months for results.



Remember, I am sharing my experiences with self-cures and natural health remedies. I don’t know your particular situation. It’s up to you to take responsibility for your health.



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