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Natural Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

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Problem: Hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating)




Ever since my late teens, I had a problem. I couldn’t wear regular, fitted shirts because I constantly had sweat rings under my armpits. It didn’t matter if I was sitting still and calm, in the perfect temperature, I would still sweat. So I only wore sleeveless shirts in the summer, and layers in the winter- preferably dark so that if it did seep through it wouldn’t show.


I remember dealing with this for 19-20 years, though it could have been even longer. That's a long time to sweat too much!


For me it was mostly the armpits, though my feet and hands did tend to be clammy. I have read online about people who sweat through their hands and feet at alarming levels. That was not the case for me.


I tried the top of the line medical antiperspirant, which didn’t make a dent in it. I also tried the ’shields' that some companies sell- they stick inside of armpits shirts to block moisture from showing through. I thought they were a nuisance and not easy to use (or that effective, if not placed perfectly inside the shirt).


I liked shirts with baggy, loose, arm openings. Then the sweat just slid down my sides and at least only I was aware of the issue. Sounds gross, I’m sure, if you’ve never experiences it. But I know I am not the only one who struggled with this, so that’s why I’m sharing. (And I was never dirty or smelly, it was just water what wouldn’t stop!)


However, these were all work-arounds and didn’t address the cause.


These days it is about 95% cured. I figured out my main trigger the first time I came to Argentina. (It wasn’t really anything to do with Argentina, except that as usual with travel, my diet was different for the three weeks of our visit.)


Returning back to Colorado, I went for my usual breakfast of coffee and cereal with soymilk. (This was long before any of my other dietary changes, as you can tell.) I experienced an almost instant flush, and then I started sweating. At that moment I realized that for the past couple of weeks I hadn’t had any real excessive sweating. I had had coffee every morning, and I still ate grains... it was the soymilk that caused an instant reaction.


And back in those days I ate a lot of soy. Not just the milk but also as a vegetarian protein source.


Ever since I took soy out of my diet, I have been able to wear long sleeved, fitted shirts.


Now: hot drinks, hot weather, and stressful situations still have a tendency to make me sweat, but I never found any one to be particularly worse than another. And when it happens it then passes with the circumstances, it is no longer an all-day, all-night phenomenon.


By the way, a nice way to refresh if you are sweating a little bit, is to dust pure baking soda under your armpits. Just put a tiny bit in your hands and pat in under your arms.


Now, maybe you don’t eat soy but still have the problem. I’ll bet you have a trigger of your own. You could try a clean eating diet for a couple weeks and then gradually add back in items to test your response. I’ll bet you can figure out the trigger on your own. Take a look at additives as well, it could be that you are consuming soy in something and don’t know it, or maybe there is an artificial additive you have a reaction to. In general, try to eat as whole foods as possible and see what happens.


And don’t underestimate the mental/emotional aspect. Stress reduction helps with a myriad of physical ailments. That said, I had a specific food trigger and odds are there is something that is causing you to sweat too much too.


Solution: Quit consuming soy products. Almost instant improvement of 95-100%%. If you don’t consume soy, then figure out what your trigger is.



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