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Natural Treatment for Plantar Warts

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For at least twenty years I had a large plantar wart on the bottom my right heel. When I first became aware of it, it was a few millimeters in diameter. It gradually got larger and larger over time. It affected my gait (the way I walked), and definitely bothered me the way it looked.


You might ask why I never treated it. Well, I did. I tried off-the-shelf remedies, both ‘natural’ and caustic. I got the liquid nitrogen pack to freeze/burn it off. Regardless of what I tried, the wart might retreat a little but always came back with a vengeance. During my ‘year of healing’ I decided to tackle getting rid of it once and for all.


All of my healthy dietary changes and super clean-eating didn’t affect it. So, after three more unsuccessful attempts at freezing the wart off (using the liquid nitrogen kit)- with my husband’s help (and he’s no wimp)- I got serious about different natural topical remedies.


I won’t list every treatment I tried. Instead will tell you my solution and what finally cured my plantar wart 100%. See the bottom of this page for photos. (Or don’t scroll that far if you are easily grossed out!):



1. The plantar wart on my heel started to get a lot smaller when I switched to using tea tree oil soap for bathing. It probably also helped that I started washing my feet thoroughly, as I don’t think I ever really did that before. (Ew?) I guess I figured they got clean standing in the running shower with all of the soap and shampoo running down and over them.


The wart didn’t go away entirely with the tea tree oil soap, but it did improve noticeably.


As a side benefit, the on-and-off-again foot rot/Athlete’s Foot I would get between my toes went away entirely. I still use the tea tree oil soap almost every night and have not had any recurrence.



2. The thing that really kicked the wart was using 30%-strength food-grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).


I would saturate a cotton swab (Q-tip) and apply it full-strength to all of the wart surfaces, rubbing it in as deeply as I could.


Now, usually if you put this concentration of H2O2 on your skin it will burn instantly and you’ll feel pressed to wash it off as quickly as possible. However, on the thickened skin area of the wart, I couldn’t feel anything. Now and then I’d get a small stabbing pain in the area, maybe 10-30 minutes after application, but that was fleeting - it was over with as quickly as I felt it.


After applying the hydrogen peroxide the wart would turn all white and stay that way for days.


I treated it with the H2O2 a few nights a week before bed. If it started to feel raw, then I’d back off for a few extra days. Within two months of irregular treatment my heel was completely wart-free and remains that way.



Solution: Wash feet thoroughly with tee tree oil soap (this is the one I use). Apply 30% concentrated hydrogen peroxide directly to wart. Give it a month or two for large or established warts, less time if you are very aggressive with this treatment.


And that's how to get rid of warts naturally!


PS. I haven’t tried this on a regular wart (the type that lumps up, instead of going into the skin). However, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it worked on that type too.



Before treatment


During treatment, healing


Now- fully cured and wart-free



Remember, I am sharing my experiences with self-cures and natural health remedies. I don’t know your particular situation. It’s up to you to take responsibility for your health.



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Problem: Plantar wart that won't go away.