The Begin Within Journal &

Favorite Easy Meals By Month

Each month I write a personal letter with notes on my struggles and successes, lessons learned, health problems cured, thoughts on life, cool links I enjoyed, and my favorite easy meals from the month before. Find them below by date with a (brief) summary of the contents of each letter.

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December 2014 - Letter 1

(welcome to the journal; why Argentina?; three simple lunch bowls (roasted veggies & rice; fried chickpeas with red quinoa; scrambled eggs with avocado) and my favorite snack: turmeric popcorn)



January 2015 - Letter 2

(embracing a little weight gain for the new year; a brief introduction; easy spirulina smoothie snack, roasted carrot fries, leftover beet plum salad, and scrambled eggs with a gluten-free white nectarine scone)

February 2015 - Letter 3

(learning to be hungry- as a lesson for life; the problem with gluten-free; the easiest healthy dessert, plus a favorite snack, a lunch bowl salad of leftover roasted zucchini with nectarines, and my new favorite soup)

March 2015 - Letter 4

(what happened when i ate gluten again last week; when food isn't the causing the problem; start your food diary; a variation on my gluten-free pizza, a white bean avocado tomato & rice lunch bowl, a super-easy snack, and the easiest healthy dessert)

April 2015 - Letter 5

(on starting over; why i became and stayed a vegetarian for 22 years; do you hold in your joy?; favorite roasted beet carrot & onion dinner, and a simple strawberry avocado salad; plus another book recommendation)

May 2015 - Letter 6

(back 'home' from a visit back 'home'; my new no-workout routine; learning to ask yourself, 'WWMHSD?'; a controversial book recommendation; and quite possibly the perfect pumpkin soup recipe)

June 2015 - Letter 7

notes to self!; most popular Begin Within recipes to date; cooking by feeling; recommendations to read, watch, & click; the eternal soul; an easy and complete vegan meal; how to make and ideas for using infused beets; and how to cook chayote

July 2015 - Letter 8

how little can you eat?- on tummy bugs, fasting, Ghandi, a saint who didn't eat food for 7+ years; what happens when looks matter more than content- the incredible waste of food; a new baked sweet potato recipe, plus lots of ideas for using leftovers

August 2015 - Letter 9

you can change your past & being more like dogs; kindle & tv recommendations; the hot days of winter in argentina; plus, chickpea cakes with cilantro, how to make brussels sprouts that actually taste good, what to do with white beans, vegan & gluten-free lasagna, and an unbelievably low-sugar blueberry cobbler recipe (that's gluten-free, nut-free and dairy- free too!)

September 2015 - Letter 10

my birthday month; on human guilt & finding freedom from it; the seven principles for making marriage work; dhamma brothers; meditation; how to prepare delicious baby artichoke hearts, steaming quail eggs & making a meal out of a greek salad

October 2015 - Letter 11

costa rica, preventing sunburn damage naturally, full of beans and plantains; top 20 TED talks+ how to download videos to your iPad for travel; tony robbins & peace; roasted eggplant & lentil stacks, plus favorite leftover meals for soup and lentils

Holiday 2015 - Letter 12

thoughts for the end of a year; living your best life; the happiest player; 'the big leap' & 'the tools'; the thank you project; 1,000 marbles; gluten free vegan cobbler recipe- adaptable to any fruit; healthy baked falafel salad with tzatziki dressing