If I Could Only Take One Vitamin Supplement... This Would Be It

"There are more than ten thousand published scientific papers that make it quite clear that there is not one body process (such as what goes on inside cells or tissues) and not one disease or syndrome (from the common cold to leprosy) that is not influenced -- directly or indirectly -- by vitamin C.


- Quote from The Vitamin C Connection

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I have now finished reading my fourth book/collection of papers about Vitamin C in relation to health and healing; the most recent of which was 'Vitamin C and Cancer' by Cameron and Pauling. It is fascinating information, and it’s amazing that this knowledge isn’t mainstream at all.


Doctors have been successfully using Vitamin C to treat and cure a myriad of illnesses and diseases (without harmful side effects) for well over 60 years.


The benefits of Vitamin C in the prevention of scurvy in sailors goes back way farther than that.


Humans are one of the few creatures on the planet that cannot make its own Vitamin C. Yet we can’t live without this critical nutrient. Vitamin C, or more accurately known as ascorbic acid, is absolutely essential to so many functions. The level set as the RDA is most definitely not sufficient for true health. Although we can (and do) exist with very low levels, that doesn’t mean we are thriving.


Here are a few things large doses of Vitamin C can do:


• Greatly improve joint, ligament, bone, eye, and skin health and healing. (Ascorbic Acid is essential for the production of collagen, and we are essentially made of collagen.)


• Kill viruses of all types: From polio to the common cold, pneumonia, chicken pox, and many more


• Detox heavy metals


• Decrease inflammation


• Save people from poisons, including deadly snake and spider bites(!)


• Help with mental disorders


• Treat many forms of cancer: From helping terminal patients with quality of life to complete cures.


• Boost the immune system: In many ways Vitamin C is our immune system. Actually, the few times when Vitamin C has NOT been very effective appear to have been in cases where people had already had extensive chemotherapy and their immune systems were very damaged. Thus there was almost no immune system to support.



I now take 6-12 grams of pure ascorbic acid powder every day. This seems to be the recommended daily dose for adults by those who believe in Orthomolecular Medicine.


Most animals produce about this level, when adjusted for body weight. Although their bodies also make much more- automatically- during times of stress.


I take one teaspoon of ascorbic acid 3 times a day. I have no trouble taking it on an empty stomach with water. (You might prefer it with food or juice.)


One teaspoon equals 2.25 grams. So that’s a baseline of 6.75 grams each day. If I’m tired, or going to be out late, or drink alcohol, or have been around sick people, then I might take more.


I also carry the powder in a small flask in my purse when I travel and take it dissolved in water at meals.



Changes I’ve personally noticed in the five months since I began taking daily mega doses of Ascorbic Acid include:


-Greatly increased energy and sense of well-being


-Smoother skin and healthier hair


-Faster recovery from exercise


-Decreased inflammation in general


-Improved mental clarity


-My eyes are clearer. Previously yellowed and thickened areas on the whites of my eyes are almost entirely gone.


-My nails are getting smooth and young looking again. (My fingernails and toenails had developed ridges, waves, creases, bumps and discoloration. Every month they are improving.)


-I haven’t been sick at all


I have also been using lemon juice on my skin for some time with excellent benefits. You can read all about my 10 Cent Skin Care Solution here.


People with acute illnesses or chronic diseases have taken up to 200 grams (200,000 mg!) per day with no adverse side effects. And many (really, I would say, all... at least that I have read about) who take these megadoses report improvements- or complete turnarounds- of various ailments, some very serious.


To me, this is so simple and effective, and there’s really no downside.


It’s recommended to start with 1 gram (1000mg) of ascorbic acid per day and build up to the point of tolerance. Depending on the level of illness and/or stress (the needs of your body), this level might be 2000mg, or 100,000mg… and can change. A lowering of the Vitamin C tolerance often coincides directly with an improvement in health.


The doctors who have used this treatment extensively found that the one primary side effect with large doses is diarrhea. That is exactly what’s used as the tolerance indicator. Diarrhea means your body has reached it’s limit, so you can back off a bit from there. I haven’t reached that limit at any point while taking up to 12 grams (12,000mg) in a day.


My husband found the pure ascorbic acid to be too acidic for him, and after about a month he developed an itchy rash on his chest. It went away when he quit taking C. His tolerance seems to be lower than mine, and his body seems to prefer a buffered version. (The effervescent kind with a little sodium bicarbonate in it.) I think he might do well with Liposomal Vitamin C, but that’s not available here in Argentina. (My body doesn’t like taking a lot of the buffered kind. I get very bloated whenever I consume baking soda regularly.)


Lastly, injectable or intravenous Vitamin C is considered the gold standard. The body will use it most effectively when taken directly in this fashion. If I had a serious disease, I would seek out a doctor who could provide this service.


Remember, every body is different. And things can also change over time. If you think Vitamin C might be of benefit, then discover for yourself what works best for you.







Recommended reading on the benefits of Vitamin C-



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Books to read-

'Cancer and Vitamin C' by Cameron and Pauling

'Vitamin C, The Real Story' by Steve Hickey

'Injectable Vitamin C and The Treatments of Viral and Other Diseases' by Robert McCracken PhD




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